1.You Can Reprogram your Gene’s


The popular notion of a gene is “stuff that determines whether or not you’re going to get this type of cancer, how long you’ll live, and if you’ll get a coronary bypass at some point in your life.”

There’s this idea that genes are unchangeable, that they represent a fixed destiny for an individual. Aside from some heritable traits like eye and hair color, height or the number of fingers on your hands and feet, genes are actually programmable.

They “express” themselves in different ways according to information gathered from our environment, our food, and our behaviors. They “turn on” or “turn off” in response to these environmental signals. So, though you might have “the gene for type 2 diabetes” – which is really just a genetic predispostion towards the disease, not a sentence – providing the right environmental signals will prevent the gene from ever turning on.


How we eat, exercise, sleep, interact with our social circles, stress, and spend time outdoors (plus tons of other environmental signals) determines how our genes express themselves; how our genes express themselves in turn determines our level of health.

You have control – Genetic predisposition is not your destiny!

2. Clues to optimal Gene Expression are found in evolution

Foun in Evolution

2.5 million years of selection pressure and harsh environmental  circumstances created  the perfect genetic recipe for human health and longevity. Our genes expect us to be fit, lean and healthy by adapting the lifestyle behaviors and diets of our hunter gatherer ancestors into the realities of our comfortable, high tech modern life. The 10 laws of the Primal Blueprint represent the formula for optimal Gene expression.

3. Your Body Prefers burning Fat over Carbohydrates

fat-2701473_1920 - Copy

Conventional Wisdom’s grain based, low fat diet has artificially created a sugar and carbohydrate metabolism that you have been stuck in and suffering from for your entire life! Carbohydrates (from Bread, Pasta, Biscuits, Lollies, Juices and Soft Drink)  burn quickly, and they’re gone in an instant, leaving you groggy and depleted unless you “carb up.” Think Hangry!!

Going Primal shifts you into a fat based, all day energy metabolism that has supported human survival for 2 million years. This is the most liberating aspect of Primal living. Become fat-adapted, enjoy boundless energy.

4. 80% of your Body Composition is determined by how you eat


Many modern foods (even the ones we think are healthy) are causing you to gain weight and get sick.

5. Grains are totally unnecessary


6. Saturated Fat and Cholesterol are not the enemy


7. Exercise in ineffective for weight management


8. Maximum Fitness can be achieved in Minimal time with High Intensity Workouts


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