Are you generally tired, puffy, can’t loose weight, suffer from brain fog, mood swings and gut issues?
Are fatigue, and fluctuating hormones burning you out?

You know you need to change something – but where do you start? Who do you turn to?

You’re not alone. Many Health Coaches, like myself, were propelled to become Health Coaches after personal experience with this gaping hole in our healthcare system.

Become the CEO of your own health, regain your vibrant energy and create lasting health for you and your family

At Next Level Paleo, we believe we are all responsible for creating the lives we live. If you are not experiencing an amazing life, it might be time to revaluate some of your thoughts and beliefs – and we can help!

Join us for the Low Carb Expo Rockhampton on Monday 6th August from 5pm where you will hear International guest Speaker Professor Grant Schofield discuss the current Health Crisis in Australia that is effecting all of us and what you can do to fix it. Local expert, Anita Rossiter will discuss the Gut/Brain connection and how it is effecting your hormones and I (Nicole Gillespie) will talk about what to eat and adopting a Paleo Lifestyle to reduces stress and live well. Local business in the Health, Fineness and Wellness arena will be there to showcase their wares.

Don’t spend another year putting up with less than optimal Health. A new you is just around the corner!

Doors open at 5pm for a 6.30 Start. For only $39 you can  grab your ticket here today.

Nicole Gillespie

Certified Health Coach & Paleo Nutritionist

Next Level Paleo – Rockhampton

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  1. Yes
    Basically yes to everything. Feel like I have tried everything… I may be well for a short time then back to being sick. So tired of this journey.


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